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FUCHS (Germany) provides lubricants for a wide variety of applications with economy and optimum utilization for cars, motor cycle, construction and agricultural equipment and transport vehicles. A wide variety of industries including mining and steel industry use FUCHS lubricants for optimum performance.

Our range of lubricants consists of gasoline engine oil, diesel engine oil, greases, hydraulic oil, automatic transmission oil, gear oil, quench oil, cutting and grinding fluids, coolants and many others.

Specialty range of grease and lubricants for steel and mining industry consists of:
Aluminum complex grease, successfully handles extreme temperature and water conditions present in most steel facilities
Lithium complex grease, with high base oil viscosities ensures optimum film thickness on the bearing that most bearing manufacturers recommend for use in high loading application
Coupling grease, calcium sulfonate grease, extremely well in acidic and hard water application of mills
Casting fluids, crane gear box lubricants, gear hydraulic and grinding fluids

Food grade lubricant: FUCHS CASSIDA Food grade lubricants from FUCHS high tech product portfolio: Synthetic and white oil based products are available for use in the intensive production facilities food and beverages, animal food and pharmaceutical production facilities

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