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Animal Health

Mohamed & Ahmed Alkhonji LLC Animal Health sector, created in 1990, continues to be a market leader in Oman. With world leading products we gained access to animal health business through an extensive distribution network and began providing innovative products to enhance the performance and well-being of companion animals, livestock & poultry. In 1996, the company obtained exclusive distributorship for many major world leading brands, expanded increasing our footprint in the livestock & poultry industry.

Dedicated to providing world leading animal health & veterinary pharmaceutical, vaccines and best brand bio-security solutions for disease prevention & control and to improve yield, maintain production performance and to drop down production cost in intensive production facilities. Provide full range of world’s leading equipments to dairy & poultry industry, veterinary clinics, labs, food production and storage facilities to meet the current trends and challenges specific to industries ensuring customer satisfaction.

Leaders in animal health solutions and best practices, Mohamed & Ahmed Alkhonji LLC Animal Health provide solutions to problems found in farming. We are committed to responding to the needs of the animal health industry through supply of products on short notice. This philosophy has allowed us to expand our business at a fast pace.

Although expanded in a great way, at Mohamed & Ahmed Alkhonji LLC we endeavor to retain the spirit of a small to medium-sized enterprise. We owe our existence to the farmers, pet owners and veterinarians who support us. As a result, we are dedicated to providing them with the best possible products and services.

Bringing key technical experience to the commercial support, focusing on quality and ensuring best services we go on and grow on meeting the challenges, assuring sustainable growth. We aim to provide products and services that not only protect and improve the lives of animals, but ultimately the well-being of every person in our community

Our Vision & Values
At Mohamed & Ahmed Alkhonji LLC Animal Health, our vision, Together we build beyond animal health, is inspired by our belief that the health and well being of animals is inseparable from the health and well being of all humanity. This belief inspired us to establish the new standard for creating value beyond animal health. It is our aim and personal commitment to:

  • Contribute to food production: health and productivity of food animals has a direct effect on food safety and the food security.
  • Continue to help control or prevent spread of pathogen: a major part of human diseases are of animal origin, so we focus on fighting the spread of these infectious diseases.
  • Care for and reassure the link between man and companion animals: enhance and nurture the bond between people and pets as this is an essential part of life.