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The Company

Mohamed & Ahmed Alkhonji LLC is a contracting, technology-based products and services company, providing sustainable solutions essential to a better, safer, healthier life for people everywhere, and offering a wide range of innovative products and services for markets including machinery, engineering, automotive, building and construction contracting, health and safety.

Founded in 1920 as a trading organization Mohamed & Ahmed Alkhonji LLC diversified into multifaceted activities. Since its emergence in 1920 the company consolidated its preeminent position in trading, contracting and service.

Independence: Mohamed & Ahmed Alkhonji LLC controls its own capital, thus providing great liberty in development choices. Mohamed & Ahmed Alkhonji LLC plans to continue investing in development and industrial expertise and this level of commitment ensures sustainable growth for us in the Oman market.

The Philosophy: Built on a strong tradition of sales and support, Mohamed & Ahmed Alkhonji LLC provides exactly what the customers need or the industry demands. The company made its presence felt in a wide variety of industries with a team of experts dedicated to provide world leading products and solutions specific to challenges to be found in each industry. The team members are selected on the basis of their technical knowledge, experience and business skills to form understanding relationships with customers and key decision makers and adapt to meet the individual needs be it product or service.

Policy: Committed to excellence, truthfulness and professionalism Mohamed & Ahmed Alkhonji LLC stands out as one of leading business groups in the Sultanate of Oman.

The very presence of the company since 1920 testifies to its commitment to its mission and vision and its strong belief in the philosophy. “We live up to our commitments and honesty is the best policy.”

Unity in Diversity for Excellence at Mohamed & Ahmed Alkhonji LLC: We understand we can achieve our corporate goals only through and with the full commitment and cooperative spirit of our employees. We value uniqueness and treat all fairly. We understand and embrace the diversity of our customers and our employees. Unity in diversity, wide range of products, services and businesses are the secrets of our strong presence and success.

Key to Our Success: Product quality, stability, technical support, strong presence in the market and investment in human resource.

Products and Services
Mohamed & Ahmed Alkhonji LLC provides sustainable solutions to a wide range of industrial demands. The range of products and service that the company provides is defined by customer needs. Customers are the most important asset and they set the standard to which business is being run. Through tireless pursuit to perfection in all aspects of business, the company ensures customer care and satisfaction.

Engineering Products & Services Division
Pumps, generators, engines, marine engines, construction equipment, workshop equipment, carpentry, electric motors, drinking water pipes and fittings, hoses and electric starters.

Electromechanical & Construction Division
Electrical, control panels, mechanical and civil contracting, air conditioning and refrigeration contracting and sales.

Health & Safety Products Division
Agriculture, aquaculture, animal health, health and medical, education, safety and protection and storage.

Oil & Auto Products Division
Automotive and industrial lubricants, automotive and industrial batteries, automotive window films and other car care products, residential and commercial window films.